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Positive Independent Lifestyles

Profiles in Motion showcases different people using their power chair or motorized scooter. Each profile focuses on an individual, their lifestyle, and how their mobility device aids them or improves their life. Click on each profile to read an inspiring story about independent mobility.

Featured Profile Stories

Yvette Pegues

Yvette Pegues

As a former Networking and Systems Engineer, Ms. Wheelchair International Yvette Pegues, MCSE/M.Ed, is no stranger to technology. After all, she was recruited by IBM right out of college. Little did she know how far adapted technology had truly progressed.

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Sylvia Longmire

Sylvia Longmire

For Sylvia Longmire, there is nothing greater than discovering the boundaries of her abilities. Her passion for traveling and her dedication to serving the disabled community has pushed her farther than she ever thought possible.

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Eugene Gustinucci

Kendall Stier

Cerebral palsy has not stopped Kendall Stier from becoming a U.S. Paralympics National Champion. With her Go-Go®, Kendall participates in competitions for track and field. And with the support of her twin sister, Madison, she pushes herself to rise above the competition.

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Confidence to keep up with my life - Yvette Pegues, 2016 Ms. Wheelchair International - Jazzy Air